About Us

Grace Point Mission

Grace Point exists to raise up believers who . . .

live transformed lives
are deeply established in a biblical view of life
and winsomely engage our culture with the GospeL

In other words, we are committed to proclaiming Christ by . . .

Growing in Grace - Standing on Truth - Bringing Hope to the World


Imagine a community of believers...

  • Establishing people in the knowledge of God and His Word and a love for Jesus

  • Helping people apply biblical truth to every area of their lives

  • Equipping people to understand and recognize the lies promoted by the world

  • Strengthening marriages for people of all stages of life

  • Shaping minds and hearts of children by building into them the basic concepts of biblical worldview

  • Preparing students with a sound biblical worldview and knowledge of worldly philosophies

  • Teaching and training what it means to live out the Lordship of Jesus in every area

  • Praying, giving and going to the world with the gospel

Our Core Characteristics:

  • Reliance on Prayer...fervently seeking God's will and strength

  • Kingdom Focus...partnering with other churches and missionaries both locally and globally

  • Reviewing Culture...engaging our community with the hope of the gospel and a biblical worldview

  • Discipleship...mentoring others through personal relationships

  • Connected Together...unity and teamwork

  • Advancing the Gospel...loving people far from God

  • The Word of God....proclaimed and applied


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Because we are a broadly evangelical church, we hold to historic Christian orthodoxy, believing in the full inspiration and authority of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, in one God revealed in three persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in the unique identity of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world, and that broken, sinful people can be justified and reconciled to God only through faith in Jesus Christ.  You can read our entire Doctrinal Statement by clicking below.

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In July 1910, a group of Powell Valley believers representing four denominations gathered around the railroad Chapel Car "Glad Tidings" near the Shoshone River to celebrate freedom, baptize new believers and heartily unite as First Baptist Church (FBC) on the common platform of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, recognition of His sovereignty in all things, and the Word of God as the sole guide of life and practice.  107 years later, FBC became Grace Point.  If history makes you giddy, you can read our whole amazing story by clicking below.

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 Learn more about the people that help make Grace Point what it is, by clicking on the button below to meet our pastors and administrative staff.